Trust Guarantee

THZO Third-party Trust Guarantee service, peel counterparties advantages of localization, the contract was signed to build equality bond; managed security settlement payments and collections, abnormal dispute mediation and arbitration justice platform, reduce the risk of business dealings.

Service support processes: Deal signed contract; Payment and settlement deal; Dispute mediation consultation; Arbitration execution.

Stripping the advantages of local relations: Parties to the transaction with the THZO signed a tripartite agreement, guaranteed contract obligations and responsibilities clear, payment and collection business dealings guarantee timely and accurate financial security, guarantee fair abnormal dispute mediation and arbitration, effective implementation of the security force arbitration result unobstructed, so that the interests of buyers and sellers get Total Guarantees, to quickly build business confidence.

Polymerization & Share

Third-party relations stripped

Tripartite contract signed

Third-party funds on deposit

Friendly Mediation & Impartial arbitration

Friendly Mediation

Impartial arbitration